Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Turkey Time!

This year our friends BJ and Anuhea and their 3 kids and Eldon and Jen and their 3 kids came up from SLC to join us for Thanksgiving. Oh boy was it was a swell time. Tons and tons of kids, but we ate lots of yummy food, got the kids out of the house and the Mommies even ran away for a few hours on a girl date :) We kept joking all weekend that we felt a little like sister wives, we just continued to feed 9 kids together, clean up together, help each other out when needed and then take turns bathing our own kids etc etc, it was pretty funny. Anyways we got hit pretty hard with sickness this week (Not all of us, but enough of us, including me). Hoping it passes soon, we got fun Christmas stuff to do! Until next time.....

Carter coming home from his Thanksgiving Feast at school
Coloring Thanksgiving pictures before we ate

 Kalena and Elise copied each other
 Ta Da! Elise takes coloring very seriously these days
 Daniel and Carter played at a Turkey Bowl, with the help of Eldon and BJ
 The Winning Team
The second round of coloring

 Carter showing off his turkey
 One by one all the food came together
 A Granat tradition Grapefruit Slush
Made my mom's famous fruit salad (It was a winner with everybody). Oh and the rolls in the background were divine.
 My lens was a little foggy: Thanksgiving Dinner
 A little bit of everything
 Monroe was so happy after taking a miraculous 3 hour nap on Thanksgiving Day
 BJ snuggled her up after she first woke up
 Here we are: Anuhea, Me and Jen
Took ALL the kids to my favorite McDonalds play place in Smithfield, it's never busy!!! Monroe and Arianna
Monroe ready for church (she is walking everywhere now)
 Tried to get a quick pic of all 3, some weeks are better than others


  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!! Whew!!! Cute kidlets!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! So sorry to hear some of you were sick. We got hit too. My boys got croup and Lily got a bad cold. I am ready too to do Christmas stuff and not be forced to lay low. Oh well! Happy December!