Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Lights in the City

We took the kids on a fun day trip to the City of Salt. We went to Christmas in Color with my sister Whitney and niece Bailey and then we went to see the lights at Temple Square with Jen and her daughter Natalie.  This past week we also attended our ward Christmas party at church. The kids sang with the Primary and they didn't have very many musical numbers so Carter kindly volunteered. However they didn't really have break dancing music, so he improvised and it was pretty cute. Every week we are getting closer and closer to Christmas, we are so excited!

Elise, Carter and Natalie

It was fun, not too cold, but it was very crowded, especially for a Tuesday night
Jen and I

Christmas in Color

Playing with Bailey
 Monroe chillin with Frosty
 Christmas cookie time
 Ward Party

 Primary Singing

Carter is definitely not shy to get in front of a crowd


  1. How festive and fun is your household. Love it - So fun! Glad we got to see the fun lights and play for an hour. Merry Christmas Mr. Potter!!!!

  2. I love all your décor!! Your cookies look professional and your kids are so stinking cute in their jammies and Christmas outfits! So cute!