Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let Is Snow..."

This week the kids have had lots of fun Christmas events at their school which included a Christmas concert. We got slammed with a two day snow storm which accumulated with about 14 inches. The kids loved playing in it :)We also got our tree decorated and Daniel is off to the Potato Bowl Game in Boise....Gooooo Aggies! Until next time...Merry Christmas!

Monroe ready to run errands with Mommy

Elise earned this award at school for her math skills. Since I am bragging Elise has also moved up to a 5th grade reading level. Pretty exciting! Great job Elise!
Dressed for church in their fancy Christmas clothes
Monroe and Elise were matchy matchy
Pajama day at school (Elf on the Shelf)
Carter too (Elf on the Shelf)
Decorating the tree

Elise practicing her Hukilau hula for her Christmas concert at school. (Daniel is playing the Ukulele in the background)
The morning after our big snow storm

 Our candy cane lights almost buried
Playing in the snow after school

 Snow angel time
 Elise's turn
Monroe's first time in the snow

I think she liked it!
Snowball fight!
School Christmas Concert (Elise front right)
Elise on the left, second row
Carter is on the top right
Carter on the right front


  1. Love it! So much snow and cuteness I can hardly stand it.

  2. Snow much fun! Super festive and beautiful house. Your kids and their cuteness is ridiculous. Love them!