Monday, December 7, 2015

"Santa Claus is coming to town"

Well, we did it, we made it to December, whew :) This month is always so fun, but always seems to go so fast. We are now over our sicknesses and hopefully we won't have anymore for a while. The house is now decorated for Christmas both inside and out, the kids have gone to see Santa and their Santa letters have been mailed. We are also planning a day trip to see the lights at Temple Square, an Aggie Bowl Game for Daniel and a short trip to Idaho Falls before we spend our first Christmas at home with our kids. Should be a good time! Happy Holidays Everyone!

Pretty classic really
Happy December
 House decor
Love this advent calendar, so clever
 Our Charlie Brown Tree
Monroe helping us decorate
 Love this girl
The house all decorated minus one candy cane that has now been fixed :)
And this was last week in not such happier times. Double ear infection for this girl, waiting at the doctor's office.
 Lots of fevers and late nights
Lots of snuggles with Mommy and her sweet duck lips
Then it was my turn: At the Instacare here which about 15 minutes later I was diagnosed with strep throat. Antibiotics are my friend.
 Oh and Daniel has a stress fracture in his foot....maybe not the best week for us
Took Carter and Elise to a dance workshop taught by Cyrus and Kathryn from So You Think You Can Dance. Carter loved Cyrus and wants to dance just like him :) They were pals, Cyrus even hugged Carter goodbye, it was adorable.
 Carter and Elise in the front during the dance warm up
Carter lost his partner and Cyrus stepped in to be his partner. It was awesome!
 I love how Cyrus starts doing the robot with Carter at the end
 Elise dancing in the pink plaid shirt
Cyrus did a solo performance for the kids, impressive!
Monroe rocking her pop star pants as I call them
 I couldn't remember if I posted this or not, but it's a winner
Elise has a kids bop music ap on her kindle and I came in the other night to the playroom and they were having a full on dance party before bedtime, it was pretty adorable. My favorite is Elise's spinning move at the end :)


  1. Happy HOlidays! I love the pictures of the kids with Santa! Too funny! Monroe with her gold pants is AMAZEBALLS! Love it! Your house looks great!!

  2. Impromptu dance party! Love it. I need this Kidz Bop App on my kindle! Super fun times as always.