Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Jingle All the Way..."

"Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh." Christmas was magical as always this year. The week before we were busy with parties, concerts and an injury. But we made it to Idaho and survived all the snow and had a wonderful Christmas this year. Enjoy tons of pics. Christmas Eve and Day post coming soon.

The Magic of Christmas

 Our Christmas Card this year

Polar Express Christmas Concert for school
 Carter is on the top row to the right of the tree

Elise is on the top row middle wearing her sleep mask :)

Then we dashed over to the USU basketball game for a minute. Kids got so excited to see Blue
 Elise's turn
 Dancing on the Jumbo Tron at the game
Another day another Christmas outfit

 Went to a neighborhood Christmas party and they has so many goodies
 My two dates for the party
Sugar Cookie time

 Christmas attire for church

Matchy matchy
 A couple short videos of Q

And this little guy turned 3 months old

Pardon the no make up selfie but here I am in my sling while we headed up to Idaho for Christmas. I tore a muscle in my bicep. Seriously who does that? Moms who work too hard apparently. I was holding baby with one arm and trying to lift Monroe out of the high chair and must have pulled too hard because wow it hurt so bad. After realizing I couldn't move my arm at all, a quick rush to the Instacare the day before our trip. At the Instacare the Doctor says, "This is just a sign that you need to slow down." Yeah tell that to a mom trying to pack and get ready for Christmas. Changing a diaper with one arm is really hard lol. I have to wear the sling for at least 2 weeks and then we'll see. Needless to say it put a little hiccup before we left town.
 Monroe wanted to be like Mommy
 Made it to Grammy and Skipper's house: Polar Express Train

Candy Cane Corner
 Silver Corner

 Gingerbread corner
Some nativities
 This is my favorite one
Getting warm by the fire
 Quincy's first Christmas
 Gingerbread house time

Ta Da!
 Next up more sugar cookies.

 Skipper played board games so much with the kids, I loved it :)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Quincy's Baby Blessing

We were able to bless Quincy Samasoni on December 4th, 2016. We are glad everybody that was able to make it. This week I took the kids to a Utah State Gymnastic Meet, they loved it! Also Monroe and Quincy got sick, but we are all getting so excited for Christmas!!!!

Quincy's Blessing - The fam

Skipper and Grammy with Q
Skipper and Quincy (QB#18)
Kiddos all ready for church

After church Elise fell asleep with Quincy
Sweet boy
I love Santa

Carter actually volunteered to shovel the sidewalk - yay!
Our Nike boy
USU Gymnastics Meet

Selfie fun with Mom

 The Team

Christmas looks for school

Little tiger
Then my babies got sick. Monroe 2 days of fevers and a cough
Off to the doctor. Singing songs while we wait
Quincy was sick too
Quincy has bronchiolitis

When he didn't get better - Monroe had to tag along to the respiratory clinic at the hospital for Q
Hoping we are in the up and up and the kids will be better for Christmas next week. Fingers crossed!