Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!

We took two short trips to visit family during winter break. We went to Idaho to see my family before Christmas and we went to Wyoming to see Daniel's family for New Years. We also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary with a lunch date with our kids and then lots of yummy Samoan Food in Wyoming, good times! It was so cold in Wyoming, -15 on New Year's Eve that our Martinelli's that we brought exploded in our car there was glass everywhere, whoops! On that note Happy New Year Everyone!

Decorating cookies at Grammy and Skipper's house

 Nice work Bailey!

I made hershey kiss cookies too
Bailey, Elise and Monroe
Went over to my mom's friend's house to see some really cool gingerbread houses with the kids.

Carter's Elf Jammies. Ho! Ho! Ho! (Christmas Story)
Monroe chillin by the fireplace
Cousin shot after church

This picture makes me laugh because it was only 6:45am. They woke up soooo early this trip
Anniversary lunch with Mommy and Poppa

Kids first time with Teppanyaki, I love their face when they see the giant flame
On this day I also got a new phone, holla! I loved testing out the camera on it :)
Wyoming here we come!
Getting the Taro and Palusami ready for our feast
 Carter helping
Helping to make brownies
Mommy and Monroe time
 New Year's Eve attire

The kids stayed up until midnight for the first time, although they were quite grumpy.

 Samoan pancakes and Samoan koko at midnight
Playing in the snow

Our family of 5 trying to take our first group selfie on my new phone at the top of the snow mound


  1. What a fun New Year's! Wish we were ethnic - although we did make Danish food.

  2. So glad we got to play before Christmas! Love you guys! Also you look particularly pretty and fabulous in these pics. Congratulations on the new phone. Have fun and Happy New Year!

  3. Looks like lots of fun, except for the snow part!!!