Saturday, January 16, 2016

January Fun!

Welcome to January! It has pretty much been snowing every day and we have been busy with everybody back in school. The New Year seems like a good time to give you some updates on the kiddos. Elise went to her "It's Great to Be Eight" activity this past week. She is getting so excited to turn 8 this summer and get baptized. She also started piano lessons this week. I really hope she picks it up easily. I believe it will help her with everything musical in her future, which is helpful because she has informed us that she wants to be a pop star. Carter has been writing and drawing so much better then he could when he started kindergarten, it's awesome to see how much he is growing.  He also loves to cook and he is obsessed with all things Star Wars lately. Monroe is becoming a busy busy girl. She helps me unload the dishwasher and loves to take the books of Elise's bookshelf. She is starting to climb and has added a new dance move where she moves her shoulders up and down, it's adorable. Lastly, she does this silly thing where she can roll her eyes (I promise it is cute). And with that here are some pictures from this week. Enjoy :)

Carter looking like a little missionary
Matching ladies in silver and black

 I actually got a Girls Night Out! It was awesome!
 Me and my friend Lindsey
 Took the kids to Star Wars, they loved it!
Bubble Bath
Monroe practicing her selfies
 Carter, Mommy's favorite chef these days. He helps me make dinner every night :)
 Monroe being cute
Playing with her toys
 She did this in 1 minute....I had forgotten about this stage (sigh)

 She got a really cute 8 cookie at her activity
 Her first piano lesson (I snuck in a picture)
 Monroe rolling her eyes
Monroe helping Poppa make Saturday breakfast
 Snoozin with her dolly

 And it's getting close to start decorating for Valentine's Day.....yay!
 Matching jammies

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