Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

 The kids had a fun Valentine's Day with class parties and lots and lots of goodies. Enjoy some pics of these cute Valentines of mine :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Class party day
Future Heartbreaker
 Kisses from Monroe
 Some posing before church


 Elise's Valentine envelope she made at school
Valentines from her classmates
Fun fun
Carter was ready to dig into his Valentines from his class party too
 Check this out! I got a pink rose for Valentine's Day....thanks Daniel! :)
 I love how my Dad still sends me a card and chocolates every year
 Monroe ready for SuperBowl Sunday
Carter too! Setting up his players on the field
 This picture is only because I loved Elise's chic little outfit this day
 Monroe loves to shake it
I love how she still climbs up on Daniel or I and then falls asleep...sweet girl

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!! You have so much fun! Cute kids and outfits as usual. Love it. :)