Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March Madness

We have been trying to get out and about with this sunny weather we have been having. Snow has melted and we couldn't be more excited about it. The kids had a great check up at the dentist, Elise sang a solo at school and we are excited to go to Idaho this weekend for the annual St. Patty's Day party. Here we go......

Carter looking oh so groovy at the dentist
Loved their new office. Elise and Carter have no cavities, yay!!!!!
 Monroe in her shades
 First time on their scooters

 Monroe loves getting out for stroller rides

 Game Night!
 Date Night with Daniel

 Such a cool old theatre from the 1920s

 "Mom I just CAN'T take a picture, the sun is too bright!"

Monroe falling asleep the last 15 minutes of church
Carter came home from school with a black eye. Poor guy ran into another kid while playing basketball.

 Elise was in our Stake Newsletter for announcing that she is turning 8 this year
 Pretty Monroe
 Elise practicing her solo (well she sang with 3 other girls, but close)
She is in the second row middle in a pink choir shirt
 We are the World (she's on the far left)
7 Habits Song
Lots of fun playing with Mommy's new make-up ap

 This one makes me laugh
We are all ready for St. Patty's Day over here


  1. Elise nailed her part! I love everything about this. Carter using the makeup app is beyond fantastic.

  2. Such fun photos! Carter's eye is sad. Loved We are The World!