Saturday, April 30, 2016

Utah State Graduation!

It happened....the day finally came, Daniel graduated from Utah State University!!!! I am so proud of him. It is not an easy feat to go back to school after starting a family and working full time, but you did it. You stuck with it and never gave up. It was an amazing/fun/exhausting day. We are so grateful for all the family that came out to support Daniel. We attended two graduation ceremonies at the school and then had a big graduation bash at the church, which was good because we had 60 people come out for our special day. :) Congrats Daniel! We love you!

All ready to head out to the first big ceremony with the entire University. His maile lei smelled AMAZING!
 The fam
My Mom and I at the first graduation ceremony
 Daniel and I - He got lots and lots of leis!

Mom and Dad
 Daniel's parents

 Go Aggies!
Daniel and his Dad
 Daniel's Dad was sitting right on the floor level and got this amazing photo! I was so happy!
I like how the girl in front of him is named McKenna :) Also I might have gotten a little excited in the moment so don't mind the crazy, crazy yelling. ;)
Congrats Daniel
 Candy lei making is serious business
 All the leis I made had a blue theme

 Daniel received some fun money leis too
 I think I'm funny :)
Grad Party

 Monroe chillin for a few during the ceremony, but then she remembered she needed a nap
 Elizabeth's family and my Dad during graduation
 Everybody attacked him with leis when he arrived
 No really, lol!
All the kiddos that came
 Daniel's brothers and sister that came
 More Yum. The spare ribs were amazing!
Love you Daniel, congrats again!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First Lost Tooth!

Carter lost his first tooth! He was very excited and was wondering for a while when this would happen. His permanent tooth finally came in enough to push his baby tooth out. Carter was a very very happy guy! Most of the pics from this post were from Daniel's work party at the park. Let's just say Monroe had a blast! Enjoy :)

Carter showing off his lost tooth
His tooth pillow was ready to go for the Tooth Fairy
 Chee-se Monroe says
 Mommy and Carter
 These are Monroe's expressions when reading a book at her 18 month check up
 Carter wrote his first love letter to a girl in his kindergarten class: I love Malia
Surfer Day at school
 Found these winners on my phone. Playing with my make up ap again
 Work Party

 This girl LOVES the swings :)

 One of my favorite pictures of her
 Kicking a ball

 Slide fun with Elise

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

18 Months!

Monroe is now 18 months old. Seriously time goes by so fast! She is in the 90th percentile for height and is still off the charts for weight at 29.9 pounds. She has lots of personality and has silly facial expressions.  She loves her dollies, her blankie and her pacifier the most. She still loves everything we feed her and loves to try and color. Too early to tell, but she might be a lefty. She can say a few words like Hi, Uh Oh, Bye, Mom, Poppa and Leese (for Elise). She tries to copy us with whatever we are doing. She can follow commands by putting things in the trash or getting something for us.  Her favorite TV shows are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Super Why. She also loves the PBS Kids App on Mommy's phone. Best of all Monroe still love to snuggle! Yay! She had her first Sunday at nursery at church and didn't cry at all. Nice work lady! Happy 1/2 birthday! We love you :)

18 Months

 I sent this picture to Grammy and she said they looked like they were going to Prom, ha!
 This is her "cheese" smile
 A little outfit created by Elise

 Polka dot ladies

 Mom can I play with your make-up?
 Mickey Mouse pancakes at Herm's Inn
Date Night: Batman vs. Superman