Tuesday, April 26, 2016

18 Months!

Monroe is now 18 months old. Seriously time goes by so fast! She is in the 90th percentile for height and is still off the charts for weight at 29.9 pounds. She has lots of personality and has silly facial expressions.  She loves her dollies, her blankie and her pacifier the most. She still loves everything we feed her and loves to try and color. Too early to tell, but she might be a lefty. She can say a few words like Hi, Uh Oh, Bye, Mom, Poppa and Leese (for Elise). She tries to copy us with whatever we are doing. She can follow commands by putting things in the trash or getting something for us.  Her favorite TV shows are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Super Why. She also loves the PBS Kids App on Mommy's phone. Best of all Monroe still love to snuggle! Yay! She had her first Sunday at nursery at church and didn't cry at all. Nice work lady! Happy 1/2 birthday! We love you :)

18 Months

 I sent this picture to Grammy and she said they looked like they were going to Prom, ha!
 This is her "cheese" smile
 A little outfit created by Elise

 Polka dot ladies

 Mom can I play with your make-up?
 Mickey Mouse pancakes at Herm's Inn
Date Night: Batman vs. Superman

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