Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Aggie Football

Now that it is April, Aggie Spring Football has started.  This included many practices, scrimmages and best of all the annual football banquet. And with that here are a bunch of pictures from all of our fun Aggie adventures.

Date Night at the Utah State Football Banquet
Almost there
 Graduating seniors, we will miss you Chuckie
Yummy food :)
Spring Game
In front of the Merlin J. Olsen statue
Monroe was a good sport

Elise and Mommy (Also I don't think it was that hot that the lady behind us needed to take off her shoes)
Carter and his bud Nik LOVE pretzels

The final play of the scrimmage game
Monroe's Aggie shirt is too small now, better get her a new one before next season
On the field after the game for autographs from the players
There were tons of people
Elise was asking this player for his autograph and I thought, "Is he a player? He looks quite small." Come to find out he is the kicker, ha!
Carter found his favorite friend from last season Devonte Mays, luckily Devonte remembered him too and Carter couldn't be happier about it.
 Carter and Devonte
Visiting Poppa at work and watching a little scimmage

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