Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring is Here!

We have been enjoying the sunny days and gearing up for a busy busy May. Kids are getting excited for one more month of school and Daniel is getting excited for graduation. Monroe is getting bigger everyday and in a few weeks we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. Exciting stuff for the Magalogos!

Castle park fun
This girl stayed on the swing for about 40 minutes
Enjoying sunny days any chance we get
Monroe's first time playing on the kiddie side of the park

Enjoying some sun after school
BBQ time

Helping Poppa

Monroe is such a good helper
Lawn mowed for the first time this spring
Cleaned out the garage, perhaps I should have done a before picture, but seriously who knew how much stuff could fit into a one car garage! Ha
Saturday morning Samoan pancakes and Samoan koko
I came down Saturday morning and this is how they were watching cartoons together, pretty cute.
Fun at the movies with the kids: Zootopia

Monroe loves some Michael Jackson
Oh the Days of Monroe

She loves her dollies
Tired girl feel asleep at dinner
She loves to help mom fold laundry
Getting to be such a big girl - I love the pig tails :)
Getting excited for summertime - Oh yeah!

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