Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First Lost Tooth!

Carter lost his first tooth! He was very excited and was wondering for a while when this would happen. His permanent tooth finally came in enough to push his baby tooth out. Carter was a very very happy guy! Most of the pics from this post were from Daniel's work party at the park. Let's just say Monroe had a blast! Enjoy :)

Carter showing off his lost tooth
His tooth pillow was ready to go for the Tooth Fairy
 Chee-se Monroe says
 Mommy and Carter
 These are Monroe's expressions when reading a book at her 18 month check up
 Carter wrote his first love letter to a girl in his kindergarten class: I love Malia
Surfer Day at school
 Found these winners on my phone. Playing with my make up ap again
 Work Party

 This girl LOVES the swings :)

 One of my favorite pictures of her
 Kicking a ball

 Slide fun with Elise

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