Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday to Me! This year I got an early present by finding out what gender our baby is. I also got a massage, got to go out to eat and wait for it.....a camera! A fancy camera! Now all my secret dreams of being a photographer can come true :) I just need to learn all the fun new techniques/updates that have changed since I had this camera back in 2002. Then surprise my sister Whitney and Bailey came up for the weekend to continue my birthday celebration. Shopping and lots of fun with the kids. Thanks Whit for organizing my kids clothes - you are such a professional!

 Happy Birthday! 21 weeks along
 Selfie time with Mommy

 Surprise! Sister time!
Oh yeah
 New Camera!
Silly cousins
 Scooter time

 I love this shot of Bailey
Thanks for my birthday video Bailey. Monroe watches this on my phone about 20 times a day. The end is my favorite part.

 Playing with the new camera

 Nice work Whit!

 Stuff for our baby boy!


  1. I might be a little biased, but this was an exceptionally great post. Full of cute kids and attractive sisters. I love to fold! Thanks for the fun. Hopefully see you soon.

  2. Fun seeing the cousins playing together!! The Happy Birthday song was priceless!