Monday, May 30, 2016

School's Out For Summer!!!

It is now officially summer! Today I slept in until 8:10am it was delightful :) We are now getting excited for visitors, summer camps, trips and best of all the Aquatic Center. Here we go.....

Elise's first and last day of Second Grade
Carter's first and last day of Kindergarten
 He was just a little excited for the last day! Pajama party!
Kids had a fun international night at school. Here we are enjoying some yummy churros

 Native American dancing

Brazil table

 Elise got her face painted by her teacher
A butterfly
 Monroe was next and got a cute heart
Cool jewelry
 Next to the last day of school
 Monroe is loving being able to play in the backyard
One busy girl
 Look at this little girl! Starting to look so grown up
 No more walking Carter to school everyday
Monroe's first pedicure by Mommy

 Monroe being silly
 I'm hilarious!
One more


  1. Her little laugh. So Cute! Glad school is out! I'm glad that the aquatic center is more exciting and more fun then having guests. I hope you mean that's true for certain guests and not me. Hahahaha.

  2. McScuse Me! I love that Girl!

  3. Fun Times! You both are hilarious by the way! Thae school year sure went fast!