Friday, June 10, 2016

Essay Winner!

I got a call from a lady at the Mayor's office telling me that Elise had won an Essay contest for her entire Elementary School. Funny thing was I had no idea she had even entered a contest, I didn't know the topic or had even read it. Ha! I just pretended I knew what the lady was talking about and found out when and where she needed to be in order to receive her award. Elise was thrilled! We went to the Mayor's meeting and she received her certificate and $50 (which we did not know about until that night). Let's just say Elise was pretty stoked! We also had a fun visit from my friend Kylee and her cute kids. We went swimming, to the park, ate popsicles on the tramp and played outside. It was a swell time, my kids keep asking when they can play with Luke, Lily and Liam again :)

Congrats Elise!
Elise and the Mayor

 She was a happy girl!
You make a promise to your son that if he is really good you will take him swimming. He succeeds so you get everything ready and head over only to find out the pool is closed for a private party. Sad :( I decide it never hurts to ask and so yes we were granted special permission to join the party. This private party was a school field trip that only consisted of 12 kids and 4 adults, so basically we had the place to ourselves. It was amazing!!!!!!

 This girl loves the pool

Playing with Mommy's sunglasses

Carter is finally tall enough to go down the fast slide - crazy!

A week later we head to the Aquatic Center with my friend Kylee and her kids that were visiting from Arizona. However this time the Aquatic Center was a zoo. Still had a blast though!
 Elise and Lily were fast friends
 Kylee and I
This girl is gonna get TAN this summer!
 A tired group of kids after swimming all day
 Girls Playing
Park fun - Seriously we couldn't believe it had been 15 years since we last hung out. Crazy how time flies!
 Kylee and kiddos
 Luke and Lily
 Riding scooters in the front
 Popsicle time
 Monroe and Liam were super cute together
 Time to shoot some hoops
Nice job boys!


  1. Very fun times! You and Kylee looking good with a bunch of cute kids!

  2. Our visit has been the highlight of our summer! I loved how great our kids played together and how much fun we had catching up after 15 years of not seeing each other. It was a blast for us all! Thanks for having us!