Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sisters Weekend!

Me and the kids took a fun trip up to Idaho for a sisters weekend. My older sister and her family are moving from Idaho to Arizona in a couple weeks. My sister Kirse was visiting from Washington and so we decided to make it a swell time!!! Check out a ton of pictures from our little adventure full of cousin and sister fun. Plus it was my Dad's birthday, so we had a little party for him too :) Enjoy!

Whitney picked us up on her way up to Idaho. Party party!
Kirse and Lauren
Whitney and I
Kirse's visit to Logan

Cousins: Boston, Carter and Elise

Aquatic Center Fun
Monroe loves Kirse :)

Underwater fun
Break time

Trying to escape
Park fun

Playing in Grammy and Skipper's basement
Twinners - Most of the trip these girls kept accidentally matching, it was pretty funny :)
Popsicle time! It was hot!
Shaved Ice - Yum!

Carter and Boston
All twinning :)
Tramp Sprinkler Fun!

It was mighty windy that day
Toys R Us Trip with Grammy

Welcome Home! We were all there to greet my parents and the 6 older grandkids as they returned from their annual Grandkid vacation.
 Bailey and Monroe really liked the 10 passenger van
Playing croquet with Skipper

The Diner with cousins
Elise and Tate sporting their top knot buns
Bailey and Leighton
Oldest grandchild dancing with the current youngest grandchild. Cute :)
My Dad's birthday cake. Mark Twain quote - but why is the quotations around Happy Birthday? lol
Happy Birthday Dad!
Cousin Fun
And that was Idaho! We'll miss you LaClares! Try not to melt in Arizona! Love ya!

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  1. Your trip looks like it was a blast!! So fun for all the kids to be with their cousins!!