Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July Weekend!

With the Fourth of July being on a Monday this year that meant there were festivities on Friday, Saturday and Monday. This meant lots and lots of nights of hearing people doing fireworks. We took a quick trip to SLC and then spent the holiday at home with a BBQ, swimming in the backyard and fireworks. Enjoy :)

Happy 4th of July from these kiddos

 Elise / Monroe wearing the same outfit 6 years apart. See this is why I hold onto things :)
 Patriotic sisters

Off to do fireworks!

 Monroe was terrified of the fireworks
Pretty girl
 Silly faces
 One of my new favorite pics
 Blew up the pool in the backyard

Quick weekend trip to SLC - Tried out the top knot look
Took the kids to Krispy Kreme for the first time. They were in love with the free donuts, especially Elise.

Checked out the 2 Provo Temples

 Hanging with cousins in Provo Kyrie and Kayla
 Pie face time!
Good luck Carter
 Elise's turn
Elise was happy!
Bestie pajamas given to Elise for an early birthday present. Perfect for a sleepover with her bestie.
Tried to recreate a bath picture of Elise and Kalena, but it was very hard to get both Monroe and Arianna to look at the camera.
 Swimming with Poppa
 Swimming with Jen and Eldon's family
 Snack time
 Selfie time
Bailey came too :)
Monroe and Arianna
 Me, Jen and Hea
Oh yeah and check out this baby's kick! A future soccer player?

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