Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"Summer Days Drifting Away..."

Only a couple more weeks until school starts again. We are just enjoying the cooler temperatures this week and I am in full nesting mode for this baby! Getting everything set up, organized and ready to go! 6 more weeks! Here we go....

Park Fun!

Castle Park - It always takes her a minute to warm up to the slide

 She loves everything swings

We had fun until Carter got stung by a hornet/wasp :( Ouch - swollen and hot arm. He was pretty tough about it though.
 Showing off her hair towel ;)

 Carter is loving his new Star Wars bed with a slide!

 Elise drew herself, Carter and Monroe at the Temple
Monroe has so many expressions!
Annoying brothers :)
Not the best picture, but here I am 33 weeks!
Baby boy moving


  1. Looks like fun. Monroe's expressions are hilarious!!

  2. First off, you are looking great! You are getting So close and I am getting so excited for you! Secondly, Monroe's facial expressions kill me. So funny! Also, I love Carter's new bunk bed!! So cool!!