Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Delivery Day!

Okay so this delivery was slightly different than my last. I woke up got ready for the day, got Monroe ready for the day, had a small bowl of cereal and even waddled my way to taking out the trash. Daniel said he felt like he should go with me to my appointment and even though I thought the doctor would just send me home until next week I enjoyed having Daniel and Monroe tag along. Jump to about 20 minutes later, we come to find out that the doctor didn't like the results of my tests and decided to avoid anymore health issues for me and baby that we needed to have the baby that day.  We then went immediately to the hospital to get checked in. 7 hours later our baby boy Quincy made a safe arrival. He was healthy (minus some jaundice that we found out later) and I was secretly happy not to be pregnant anymore. Let's just say the last month or so hasn't been the most fun. And with that here are all the fun pics from my delivery day :)

Here I am just a few days earlier
Monroe all ready to go to the doctor
Labor selfies
Whitney and my Mom rushed right away when they heard the news
 Waiting for baby...Daniel, Whitney and my Mom
 Baby Quincy

The kids sporting their big brother/sister shirts ready to meet their baby brother
 4 kids!

 A few of these are a little blurry, but still blog worthy


And just like that we are a family of 6!
Monroe loves "her baby" as she calls him
Monroe holding baby for the first time

 All ready to go home


  1. What a beautiful you have!! So glad he is here and healthy! Love you!

  2. Very well documented - I feel like I was there, and I wish I could have been!

  3. Loved this! Congratulations on another beautiful addition to your family! Also you still looked so pretty pregnant and even in labor/post delivery!! Yaaaaaas, girl!!!