Thursday, November 17, 2016

Football in Style

When we first moved here and Daniel started working for the Football team I went to every game, but then it got harder and harder to go by myself with the kids. Somebody always had to go to the bathroom or wanted more popcorn, or just couldn't sit still. I literally couldn't pay attention to the game because I was distracted by trying to keep the kids happy. Then I had Monroe during football season, I am told this a no no by his boss (lol) and so I missed some games that year. Jump to 2 years later, I am pregnant again during football season and now have a newborn. So I had missed every game this year. I told Daniel I was sad to be missing the games. So he pulled some strings and got us VIP passes so we could watch a game INSIDE! I am not going to lie it was my favorite football experience to date. They had tons of free food, the kids could go out on the balcony, they could walk around, and the bathrooms were close with no lines. It was such a relaxing experience! I could go on and on, but seriously it was awesome!!!! We also took a special trip out to Wyoming. Daniel's Grandfather passed away. It was nice to see family and great to see how many people loved and respected him during his lifetime. I will never forget when he married us in the temple. Truly a great man. The kids also participated in their first Science Fair, I literally had no idea how much work goes into a science project - well now I know. Monroe also had her first trip to the dentist and did amazing, she wasn't scared at all and did everything they asked her too, it was aweome. It also helped that all the kids were cavity free, yay! We celebrated by playing at the park which will probably be our last time for a while. 

This Football boy was all ready to go
The kids LOVED the view from the balcony
 Back shot
Chillin during his first football experience

 Monroe kept yelling "Aggies" and clapping, it was adorable
 VIP Pass

Great view!

 Quincy's first road trip
Brothers and their baby boys only 2 weeks apart
Quincy and Grandma
 Some of the Magalogo cousins
 Check out this cute girl at the ranch
Monroe loves to feed her brother
We rushed back from Wyoming to make it to the kids Science Fair. Carter did a Balloon Hoverboard
Hoverboard in action
Elise soaked dirty pennies in different sodas to see which one would get the cleanest. Mountain Dew won by a long shot.
 See the one clean penny
Monroe's first trip to the dentist

 All ready for x-rays

All cavity free!
Carter'rs prize from the dentist. He's quoting Best in Show - and I love it!
Castle Park fun
This girl still loves the swings
 This is what Quincy thought of his first trip to the park
 Tire swing

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