Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Busy Thanksgiving

We had a busy Thanksgiving. 3 states in 4 days with 4 kids and a car stuffed to the max. It was a swell swell time :) We went up to Wyoming for Thanksgiving with Daniel's family. Then we went to Idaho Falls to see my family and celebrate my niece Bailey's birthday. We even got to see Moana during this Thanksgiving break. We are all obsessed! We love everything about it! Enjoy a zillion photos. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

My First Thanksgiving
These 3 Turkeys
 The fam

 I was in charge of decorating

 Kalena and Elise
 Monroe - Have I mentioned how much I love that she is not a messy eater? :)
 The kids table
The food - We had traditional food and Samoan food

 Jen and Hea
 My sister wives ha!
 Grandpa dancing with the kids
"Fix ya face" Dance party
Check out those lips!
 Q and Kalena
Daniel's mom asked me to take pictures of all the families.
BJ, Anuhea and kids
Eldon, Jen and kids
Elizabeth, Toli and kids
 David, Lisa and kids
Daniel's parents and some of his siblings
Karaoke Time with Carter :)
Watching a movie with cousins
Idaho Falls- Bailey's Shopkins Party
 Seriously the coolest cake
 Happy Birthday Bailey!
Maybe Carter should try baseball?
Cousin Fun
 Happy Birthday Bailey!
Moana with the cousins - Everybody dressed up :)
My mom thinks Monroe looks like a baby Moana

Time for the Granats to meet Quincy

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