Monday, November 28, 2016

Take 6

Daniel and I actually had a date night to see Take 6. Daniel has been a fan of this group for forever. We even got to chat with them after, such a great group of super talented guys. Quincy also turned 2 months old. He now weighs 12.2 lbs. Enjoy some recent pics

Okay so I didn't take this pic someone else in Logan did, but check out the Super Moon by the temple. So cool!
This girl might have just a few Christmas dresses so she had to start wearing them early
Our Quincy boy

Elise can now make french toast all by herself :)
Skipper came by for a quick visit and Monroe loved it
Grammy was excited to see Quincy again
We also had our first snow storm
 I think we have a glove problem though
The kids did great in their Primary Program at church
Quincy got tons of cute personalized items from his Great Aunt Renee
2 months!

 Monroe also had her 2 year check up.
 32 pounds and doing fabulous

 Another week another dress with her fancy pacifier as I call it :)

 I think this kid is going to have some pretty eyes
 My sweet boy

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  1. I went to a Take 6 concert a long time ago! We should discuss.