Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hello November!

Well hello November!! Some beautiful leaves are still are around, the Halloween decorations are put away and Thanksgiving plans have been made. We took a quick trip to St. George. The kids loved the warm weather and Carter thought it was fancy down there, but probably because he got to go swimming at a hotel and eat at In and Out Burger for the first time. But seriously swimming outside at night is pretty sweet. :) I also took Q on a little adventure at the tabernacle in Logan and took a bunch of pictures of him, because sometimes the baby needs a few more pics.

Monroe was sick and stayed home this week, but here are my November kiddos ready for church :)
Quincy and I's adventure

 No make up but hey I like this little guy

 St. George trip: Swimming at the hotel
Found my Grandparents house. We came here every summer and every Thanksgiving growing up. It was so neat to show my kids their house.
Elise noticed that the mailbox still says The Dewey's on it. Which is seriously so cool that they didn't change it even though there have been new owners since 2009 when my grandmother passed away.

St. George Temple

 Visiting my Grandparents (their Great-Grandparents grave)
 Elva and Lynn Dewey: My mom's parents

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Boss Baby Halloween

Happy Halloween from Hermoine Granger, Boss Baby, A Raccoon, and Maui. This year the kids went to school dressed up, trick or treating at Lee's, a ward trunk or treat and the main event trick or treating at night. In preparation for Halloween we did a Haunted House cookie kit, carved pumpkins, attended a ward party, and dressed in Halloween attire almost daily. Enjoy once again a zillion pics. Like Maui says, "You're Welcome."

 Hermoine Granger
 All ready to go to school
For some reason my camera was super bright, but these kiddos looked super cute. Boss baby (his briefcase is on the ground behind him) and a cute Raccoon.

 Trick or Treating at Lee's

Boss Baby chillin with Poppa

 Here's the crew all ready to head out trick or treating
 Sunday before Halloween
Sassy girl in her boo legging
Painting nails with Elise before a mother daughter activity at church
 Mother daughter date here we go

 Ward Halloween activity. They got lots of candy going through the haunted house

 Ta Da! Their Cookie Haunted House
Another day, another Halloween outfit
"I ain't afraid of no ghost." Twinners!
 This girl...
Seriously these pictures really just say everything about Monroe :)
 School Halloween Parade: Elise
Carving pumpkins time

 Elise and I's pumpkin
 Carter and Daniel's pumpkin

 Finished product
Spending as much time with her bestie Kalena before she moves away
This just soooooo busy lately! Getting into everything and climbing into everything, gotta keep a close eye on this guy.
 Another Sunday with the kiddos
Look how much these girls have grown. Same sign, 5 years apart. Besties, Kalena and Elise
 My friend Jen came up to Logan for a quick visit
Got the kiddos school pictures back. Carter 2nd grade, Elise 4th grade. Not bad :)
 Elise's friend Mija got baptized
Elise playing Sleeping Beauty Waltz