Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Life is a Little Crazy Sometimes..

I have debated about this post for a couple weeks now, but I decided if this happened to one of my kids I would tell you. It has also helped me to know that I can do hard things. Usually my blog is light and fun, but we actually had something major happen to our family. I was even going to post on Facebook about it, but I decided to keep it private, well until now anyway. Two weeks ago Daniel and I were doing laundry at our house and when I left the room to go upstairs I heard a crazy loud noise. When I went in the room I realized that the loud noise was Daniel and that he had collapsed onto our cement floor. He then had a Grand Mal seizure. Daniel has never had a seizure before. It was very scary. After the seizure was finished he wouldn't wake up. I ran upstairs to get my phone and called 911. I have only called 911 once before in my life because of a crazy driver on the freeway. As I was calling 911 I remembered all the 20/20 episodes I have watched where the people are going so crazy that the 911 dispatcher can't help them because they are too distraught. So I made a point to take a big breath and speak as clearly as possible. They got to my house in about 2 minutes. About 10 minutes later Daniel finally woke up. After an ambulance ride, a stay at the hospital and lots of tests we have been home recuperating. The neurologist thinks he might have epilepsy. Not only was the seizure scary, but now we have been dealing with post concussion syndrome and everything that this entails. He hit his head hard on the cement when he fell and has a huge contusion (goose egg) that was the entire back portion of his head. We are not sure when Daniel or I may recover from this. I am grateful that the older kids were at school at the time this happened. I am grateful that Monroe is little enough that she just believes that Poppa fell asleep (she was in the laundry room when he collapsed). I am grateful that he didn't get a skull fracture or brain bleed from the fall. I am grateful that it didn't turn out to be something worse and that epilepsy is very treatable. I know that him being unable to drive for the next 3 months is a huge inconvenience and is a lot of work, but I am grateful that he is here and can make fun of my driving. The Pollyanna Glad game has certainly helped me through this difficult time. The next adventure for the Magalogo Family is moving to a new home in Logan.
Keep you posted......

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