Monday, March 13, 2017

The New Digs

Moving in the middle of chaos isn't ideal but we did it. Luckily the snow stopped and the weather was good on moving day. The only bad thing was by that night I was so tired and then we were reminded that it was daylight savings and that we would lose an hour of sleep that night. Honestly I don't know how we made it to 9 am church the next day, but we did. We are still working on organizing and finding things in boxes (It's only been a week) but here are a few pics of the new place plus I will be doing a couple catch up posts. Enjoy :)

Our last night in our home  
 This is the epitome of a box packed the morning on moving day. One shoe, one glove etc etc
 Moving day is when all your missing pacifiers reappear. We found 23 when all was said and done.
Our industrial sized dumpster left us. Everyone should rent one. Dejunking is such a great experience and not too expensive.
Our new house
Dining room
Girls room so far
 I bought a ton of storage bins to help their closet to be as organized as possible.
 Upstairs bath
 Boys closet
 Boys room - definitely not finished yet but you get an idea
Family room
Downstairs bath
 Elise finished the second Harry Potter book the first night in our new home
 New backyard

This is the miracle shot of epic proportions. 9am church, daylight savings, and the
day after moving in with St. Patty's Day clothes no less :)

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