Saturday, April 29, 2017

American Ninja Warrior

This week Quincy keeps getting bigger and bigger. He can now sit up and is even starting to pull himself up. Carter started a fun new class and Elise loves to cook and bake. We also attended a USU Luau. The tooth fairy has also been super busy at our house. Monroe continues to be a busy girl who loves to play with her dollies and Moana. Until next time :)

Big sister giving little brother a check up :)
Their first bath together now that Q can sit up by himself :)
 Mom is it okay that I can sit up like this now?
Playing like a big boy these days
And standing up! I was so shocked when I came in his room
And I suppose he started crawling
Carter some some sweet new kicks for...
His American Ninja Warrior Class!!! He loves it! Seriously it's a whole course designed for kids just like the show. After two classes he made it up the warped wall and rang the bell. He's pretty proud of himself :)
Oh and we keep losing lots of teeth in our house. 3 teeth in 2 weeks. Carter lost one and has one more loose.
 Elise lost 2 in one week! The tooth fairy has been very busy!
I also let Elise (with minor supervision) cook these 2  cakes all by herself. Nice work Elise! Frosting too :)
 USU Luau

 Not sure why the girl behind us hates us lol

 Kids had fun
 And Carter won us a free gift card to noodles and company - nice work!
 Pretty flowers at our new house
Playing at the park
 Mommy and Monroe play time

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  1. Looks like lots of great times!! Love all the cute pictures!