Friday, May 5, 2017

"I Can See Clearly Now..."

Remember that time your daughter told you she couldn't see the board at school and hasn't been able to for a long time? Daniel and I literally had no idea! Elise said she would just ask her friends what the teacher was writing on the board. Luckily it didn't cause her to fall behind in class, and now she says everything looks "Brighter" and "Clearer" so it's all good. We started her out with a couple pairs and she is slowly getting used to them :)

 Getting checked out at the eye doctor - it's a pretty decent prescription
 All tuckered out
 Elise has always been helpful but she has become even more helpful lately with Quincy and Monroe
 Quincy and Monroe

 Loving all things Dora these days
And her Dora bike :)
 7 months
Playing dress up
Sisters having a tea party
 Homemade carrot cake by Daniel and Elise
 A little swimming when Grandma and Grandpa come to town

 All snuggled for family movie night

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