Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Last Day of School

Elise and Carter had their last day of school. Quincy has now turned 8 months old and has 2 teeth on the bottom and continues teething working on his top teeth :) On Memorial Day we stayed home and had a BBQ with Dayna, Sally and their kids. Quincy tried watermelon for the first time and we sprayed the kids on the tramp. We are getting very excited for summer, here we go....

Elise and Carter last day of 3rd and 1st grade
First day vs last day of school
 First day vs last day of school
All ready to head out the door in their summer orange attire
Carter and his teacher Mrs. Williams. This was her final day of teaching after 30 years. Nice work Mrs. Williams! I am so glad you got to teach Elise and Carter 1st grade.
 Carter and his friends Kalob and Sergio
 Carter and his friend since pre-school Misi
Elise decided to get a picture with all of her friends from her class. These kids have all been in the same class with her since kindergarten. Most of them are moving away this summer.
 All ready for church
 8 months and loving it

Memorial Day: Monroe and cousin Mele
 Carter chillin in our tree
Water guns on the tramp

BBQ time
 Watermelon =  yum!

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