Sunday, June 4, 2017

I Joined the Minivan Club

When Daniel and I first started having kids I remember saying "oh I will never own a minivan" and thus we purchased a Dodge Durango. We have loved several Durangos over the years however 3 more kids later, I began to understand the appeal of the minivan. I have wanted one since we had Monroe, but we have been waiting for the right time to get one. Every time we go on trips it is always a tight squeeze no matter how quick of a trip. This past year putting a toddler and a new baby in and out of a normal car in a one car garage was pretty rough and always a hassle and tiring. Imagine only owning this beauty for one week and by just pushing a button the doors magically open. I feel like as a mom with four kids (you're welcome Kirse I just wrote how many kids I have lol) that music should play when the doors open. It really is amazing!!! I can't wait to go on our first trip and not feel squished and feel our nice cool air conditioner, not to mention the fact that we have now joined the world of a two car family. This has not happened since 2009. We knew this day was coming anyways now that the kids are getting older and busier with activities etc. As you can tell we are pretty happy and might be coming to a city to near you soon :)

Our new car! Chrysler Town and Country

 Carter thought the back was pretty comfy
 Elise was excited, but mostly they wanted to watch a movie on the DVD player lol
 A scenic drive up the canyon in the new car. Also can Elise stop looking so old already?
The Logan River is so full and this is even a spring! Look how close the water is to the Highway in the background
 Ricks Spring

Daily trips to the park
Fun at the park
Relaxing in the sunshine

Monroe spraying the kids on the tramp
Dentist visit: All cavity free - Holla!

Carter loves laughing gas! His front tooth was loose forever and was starting to stick out blocking his permanent tooth from coming in so the dentist was nice enough to pull it out for us :)
Lastly, Elise has been making the funniest videos on my phone. Honestly I didn't know she was making them for weeks. I told her I used to do the same thing except we didn't tape ourselves we would just do them in the mirror in our room. Enjoy :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Good luck with those four kids of yours, and I hope that means a road trip in the near future! See you soon!