Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lagoon Amusement Park

After three summers of the kids begging and I wasn't pregnant during the summertime we finally obliged and took them to Lagoon Amusement Park. We researched all the best tips of what to bring, the best rides etc etc in hopes to make it the best experience possible. We had my friend Jen babysit Quincy and Monroe and just took Elise and Carter to Lagoon. This way we had no strollers to deal with and the older kids who are now tall enough to go on all the grown up rides could enjoy it even more. We brought a cooler in and since it was Aggie Day they had an entire building all set up just for us to put our cooler and food in. Other than that I just had my fanny pack. That's right my sweet leather fanny pack I got for $2 at the DI. I was pretty pleased with my purchase. It held all sorts of things to help get us through the day, stick sunscreen, band aids, chapstick, hair ties, ziplock bags, cash, cell phone, granola bars, tylenol in case of headache. I felt pretty resourceful throughout the day. My favorite thing that we heard ALL day long was "Mommy or Poppa can we go on that again?" It was pretty funny. I am glad they had fun. We then headed up to Wyoming for Dayna's 30th birthday extravaganza including a pig cooked in an umu and a day spent at a splash pad with volleyball, basketball and ending the day with a feast, cake and lots of Magalogos.

On the Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel
Waiting in line at the Swings
 Tidal Wave - We went on this 4 times!

Sky Ride - I was telling Elise all about when Daniel proposed to me on this ride
Ferris Wheel
 "Poppa can we go over here next?"
 No line! We kept going over and over!
 Sky Ride

I really liked Pioneer Village - so much history and not a single person were in any of the buildings

Aggie Building for the day
 New splash pad in Wyoming


 Quincy wasn't sure about getting wet but he liked crawling
 Back at home we have been spending lots of time at the library

Elise finished the 4th Harry Potter book! 743 pages!!!
 I took Elise to see Wonder Woman!! Seriously the best!! Girl power!!
Carter rocked it at Aggie Football Camp this year

Poppa giving him some pointers
Carter got his picture taken with head coach Matt Wells. When I first saw the pic I thought Carter looked cute then I thought his shirt looked weird, then I realized not only was it backwards, but it was inside out. Only Carter lol!!!! I guess they had just finished playing a game of "skins" and this is how he put it back on. A classic 5 x 7 professional picture to have forever :)

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  1. Looks like you are having a very fun summer!! Those kidlets are adorable I must say!!