Monday, June 19, 2017

Michigan Adventure to The Copper Country

Daniel and I took our first trip without kids to visit friends in Michigan. It felt so weird to be in the airport seeing other people with kids. Like I should be doing something changing a diaper or making a bottle. Instead I downloaded a bunch of Netflix shows to my phone and joyfully watched them on the plane. Such a strange experience. We got in at midnight so I was pretty tired, but when you are on a trip you push through. We went to sleep and our friends had the next two days all planned out for us. Mostly I was excited to see the water. The most surprising thing to me was that it was colder than I thought it would be. I threw in a sweatshirt just in case, but almost everywhere we went the wind by the water was very cold. I packed dresses and skirts so I felt a little funny in my skirts and sweatshirt. It was fun to see another state that I have never been to. I loved their accents. It was a mixture of a Canadian accent and Minnesota accent, at least where we went. We visited the upper peninsula area Hancock Michigan.

Here we are ready to start our trip!
Chicago airport - I liked the lit up walkway. I hoped to see Obama or Oprah, but I did not get so lucky. Lol
However right by our gate was my favorite make up store MAC make-up that we don't even have in Logan. I quickly bought my one eye shadow that I wear everyday. A miracle!
Our cute guest house we stayed in. Built in 1907

Here is the bridge that connects Hancock and Houghton Michigan cities

Finnish Restaurant where we had breakfast our first morning
Michigan Tech
We drove all day and water was always right outside the window.
Lake Superior is huge

Stopped for a few pictures
Daniel and our friend Ted Holmstrom

Northern Michigan
Superior Dome

I loved how old these towns and houses were. This was the Holmstrom's garage
Overlooking Hancock


 Saint overlooking the water at sunset

Holmstrom's great Grandfather's property. This is one of my favorite places we stopped at on our tour. So pretty :)

Our friends were featured on Bizarre Foods this season and because the episode was about Finnish food in the UP.  The host sat in a sauna that would be like one from Finland. We thought it would be funny if Daniel tried the sauna just like the host of the cooking show did. Since they were on the show in April they are now local celebrities in their town. Bizarre Foods, Season 16, Episode 5 if you want to check it out :)

They get over 250 inches of snow a year!! When we ate breakfast there was a picture from 1936 where snow was all the way up the the top of the telephone pole!

Copper Bay Harbor

Quincy Mine in Hancock Michigan

Oldest House in Hancock 1860

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