Friday, June 23, 2017


This year my sister Whitney came up for the first time to check out Summerfest, it was Bailey's second time attending. One thing that helped was that it was cooler this year. The kiddos had fun getting their faces painted, creating at the art yard, inhaling cotton candy, and Whitney and I had fun looking at all the fun art and we enjoyed a Texas Twister beverage. Enjoy pictures of these cute cousins. :)
Sporting some cute shades
Cotton candy yum!

 Bailey's puppy dog face paint was so funny, there was no changing this girl's mind, ha ha!
 Elise had the girl change the colors to match her dress (so smart) and Captain America :)
Art Yard

Playing in the backyard after Summerfest

 A fairy
 Quincy was a happy boy at the festivities

Samoan kiddos for church
No make-up yet, but here I am getting ready to teach a hula to a kids camp. I told the girl I hadn't taught anything since I worked at the PCC which was ahem cough cough 13 years ago and even then it was to tourists, but alas I did it and the kids had a blast :)
 Oh my Monroe how I love you. Here is my girl at the Castle Park
 Castle Park fun

 Maggie and Chloe came over to play

Cousin Mele's birthday party at the Fun Park :)
 Quincy hanging out
 Mele and Monroe
We can't forget to talk about this guy. Baby Q is now 9 months old, seriously I can't believe it. He has 4 teeth, weighs 22 lbs 10 oz, 29 inches tall, can crawl super fast, can clap, can climb up stairs, is super cute, loves to smile, loves to play peek a boo and we are working on him to starting saying mama as his first word :)

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