Friday, July 28, 2017

First Steps, the Zoo and More!

Q is walking! He took his first steps at 9 months old! Early walker just like Elise and Carter. Carter still wins, he took his first steps at only only 8 months old, not that it's a competition or anything though :) We went and checked out the local zoo. They have definitely made some nice changes including a new petting zoo and bringing out animals for the kids to see close up and enjoy. I also took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast at the Stadium, it was fun despite the summer thunderstorm that delayed the start of the movie. Kids had fun singing along to the movie. We have also made lots of trips to the library this summer checking out books and playing on the computers.

Quincy is walking!
9 months
 Quincy is now big enough to ride in the cart at the store. Look at these guys..aww
Off for a day at the Zoo

 Petting a snake

Reindeer time!

Getting food to feed the animals
 Petting zoo area

Trying to recreate one of my favorite pictures of Elise and Carter from a few years ago on the same rock :)
 Turtle watching

Beauty and the Beast at the Stadium
 Monroe wanted to dress up

Cool sunset after the storm

Good times at the library

Sunday pic, not a winner every week, but here it is. Quincy looks older in his real church outfit today!
Then Elise spent ALL afternoon making these, pretty cute I say

Friday, July 21, 2017

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!!!

This summer the kids have definitely gone swimming A LOT! Whether they go to splash pads, a cousin's backyard in Idaho, a ward activity with a dunk tank, Downata Hot Springs, the local pool, they all seem to love it and I do too. There is something about summer and swimming that just goes hand in hand. And with that, here are some pictures from all of our water adventures from the last few weeks, enjoy! :)

Saw this starlet by the pool
Quincy loves the splash pad

 Monroe too especially the ones that have warm water :)

Another day of swimming

Aww the joys of summer

Love this view of the pool

Playing in the backyard at their cousin's house

Slip 'n slide time

After swimming showers, more twinners :)
Sisters reunion success! Moonlight TV show marathon and eating lots of yummy food :)
Downata Hot Springs in Idaho
Grammy couldn't have been more proud that Monroe showed up in a black and white hat for a day at the pool. Twinners
 Monroe and McCall
 Tate and Elise

 Skipper playing basketball in the pool
 Carter and Skipper
 Ward water party

 Elise and her friend Lana
 Water slide
 Elise and Carter going down the slide
Carter anxiously awaiting to go first in the dunk tank
 Bubble party!
Carter in the center of it all
Monroe loved it
 Dunk tank fun

More swimming adventures
It was so empty this day, we loved it!

Getting more brave in the water this summer