Monday, July 10, 2017

Turning 9 is sublime!

Elise is turning 9, wow time is really flying! Next year will be her golden birthday, crazy! But let's not get ahead of ourselves, I mean she just turned 8! One great thing about Elise, is this year she has become an amazing helper with Quincy and Monroe, a true older sister. Always helping out and watching them, this makes me very happy. She also got glasses this year and can finally see. She loves reading and is into Harry Potter books at the moment, loves to sing, draw, cook, plays piano, and likes to play outside any chance she gets. Thanks for being so awesome Elise, we love you!!! Love, Mommy, Poppa, Carter, Monroe and Quincy :)

Elise newborn
Elise 1 year old
 Elise 2 years old
 Elise 3 years old
 Elise 4 years old
 Elise 5 years old
 Elise 6 years old
 Elise 7 years old
 Elise 8 years old
 And this is what 9 looks like

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