Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Historic Tour

Took the kids on a little historic tour of Santa Clara. We got to check out some old historic homes and took a tour of Jacob Hamblin's home. Santa Clara was founded by Hamblin and Mormon settlers from Switzerland and was established in 1854. I am excited to check out the Swiss Days Celebration they do here in the fall.

Santa Clara Heritage Square
First School Bell
Historic home
Built in 1870

Another family home
Built in 1870

Relief Society House 1907

Jacob Hamblin's home. This was built high on the hill after his fort and buildings were destroyed in the great flood of 1862.
Waiting for our tour to start
Driving around
Checking out Tuacahn Theatre which is actually not too far from our house

I had no idea there is a performing arts high school out there. You should have seen Elise's face! Ha

This is a face swap of Elise and Monroe on snapchat. Proof that they are sisters! A little freaky, but cool.
Oh and I forgot to include this on my last post. It is my top 9 pictures of 2017. Enjoy!

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